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Nothing in my blog posts will make sense but enjoy!


since I we don’t go to school and it’s online i am at home more. So that means that I have more time to bake.

I Usually make sweets with my sister and mom. We have made cookies, cake ,and banana putting. My favorite was the cookies we made. I’m going to tell you the recipe but it’s originally for four dozen cookies so I’m gonna divide it in half. And half of it when we made the cookies. So here is the recipe.

-One cup of unsalted butter melted

-1/3 cup of granulated sugar

-1/2 cup of packed light brown sugar

-one egg

-1 tablespoon vanilla extract

-1/2 teaspoon baking soda

-1/2 teaspoon salt

-1 and 1 /2cup of all purpose flour

-1 1/2 cups of chocolate chips.

We we had an extra cookie dough so we made a cookie cake with the extra dough. We thought that it would be plain if it was just a cookie so we also made icing it was really good so here’s the recipe for that too.

-1 cup unsalted butter, softened

-3 1/2 to 4 cup

-powdered sugar

-1 teaspoon

-vanilla extract

-1 to 2 tablespoons heavy cream or milk

It’s very simple but it tastes really really good. Especially when we put it on the cookie cake.






Allison and Sunflower

On Friday I am going to get my little puppy named Allison, and my Mimi’s (my grandmother) dog Sunflower. They are both teacup Yorkshire terriers and that are ten days apart. Alison is a little bit younger and Sunflower is older.
Me and my MiMi are really exited to get a dog. I am a little nervous about Allison meting my nailers dogs Dewey and Scout. Scout and Dewey should be a little bit older than Allison and Sunflower my me and my grandmothers dogs.

I am so exited to get her because she is going to be my little baby. I am going to do her hair every day in a pony tail with a small bow.and give Allison’s a bath every week and I will brush Allison’s hair every day and I am going to teach all Allison  tricks and snuggle her. Also I will play with her. And don’t forget I am going to teach her to attack socks. Don’t ask why I said I will teach her to attack socks, but I will teach her to attack socks! Also I will take her on walks every day. And I a good going to take a Picture of her every day for a year.


Teacup yorkeys

want a Yorkey puppy so I was like why not make my blog about Yorkey puppys.

I want a puppy becauseI am stuck in side all day and I have had nothing to do. So I decided I want to convince Mother and Father to get me a dog. But my options were limited because Mother said the dog had to be small because it will have to stay in my room.

So I went and looked for small dogs and I found one. It was called a teacup Yorkey. So I also from research I think teacup Yorkies are the smallest dog breed in the world. Mother also said that we have to get a girl puppy. And I quickly agreed because I want to put it in to little doggie dresses and give it a pony tail

Also it would be really cute. We have not found a specific dog to get but we do know that we all really want a dog. Also I want to snuggle with a doggie. And I want to play with it and take it on walks and do it’s hair and play dress up and I want a puppy doggie.



Great wolf lodge

For spring break this year, I went to great wolf lodge. Great wolf lodge is a fun and cheerful place.

They have a bunch of fun and unforgettable things like the running  canyon. The running canyon in a huge water slide that has a raft go down it that can fit five people in it at once.


I went down this slide with my MiMi, (my grand mother) my sister, my aunt Katie, and my mom. Sense we ha five people we were going really really fast and we were going side this side really really quickly to. It is scary the first time. But the second time it was super super fun.

There was also some thing called story time. Story time is a show that these plastic        Figures put on they don’t move but the  trees can wiggle around a little but. I am nine but I loved! The little shows that the plastic figures put on.and also the figures are abut the size of me, 4-ish feet.

  • There is a little 15 minute show every hour at _:15  8:15 is the most early and 9:15 is the latest. At 8:15 you can meet and take a picture with Willy, and at 9:15  you can meet and take a picture with Violet.








zombies 2


I love Zombies 2 because it is fun and interesting.Especially  I love the werwolf’s. Winter is my favorite. This is a picture of Wynter

That is a picture of winter I want to be her for Halloween. Because I think it would be fun to have her purple lipstick and purple eye shadow.

my friends Crazy Chlo (Chloe ) and Maddie p. (Madeline) want to be Eliza and Addison for halloween.here is a  Picture of Addison and Eliza.

this is Eliza she is a zombie.

this is Addison she is a cheerleader.





I also think it is great how they had the cheer camp thing at the beginning of the move (Zombies 2) and how it makes the entire Move thing fall in to place with the Werewolves, and the prawn , and the election. I also like the dance numbers and the songs. I think they are grate songs. these are the names of the songs in zombies 2 the first one is we got this, the next one is called we own the night , then  I’m winning, then like the Zombies do, then got a find where I belong , then call to the wild , then Flesh and bones, Then one for all.


Stuffed animals

I love Stuffed animals whether they are big or small, or rough or soft. Stuffed animals are fun what are you are playing with someone else with  your stuffy‘s or if you are byour self playing with them or just cuddling a stuffed animal.

(pics of big and small stuffed animals and yes I felt like labeling the pics because why not

stuffed animals can be any color like brown white black blue pink purple and Also can have any design or pattern on the stuffed animal. They can be any thing like a dog ,cad ,bird ,unicorn or basically anything Evan if it is a made up character. Also there can beCartoon characters like Sophia the first characters, and Paw patrol   characters or lots of other things or.

my Favorite stuffed animal is named Susie she is a 5 foot sloth she is pink and has long very long legs.

(here is Pic of my stuffed animal that  is Named Susie And Again I felt like labeling the pic)

      Everyone no matter what has A favorite favorite stuffed animal if they are 10, or 20 or 30 or no matter how old they are every one has a Favorite stuffed animal.


How all unicorns went extinct

At fist when the world was first made or created unicorns were every were like at the beach, or at the jungle , or at the desert or even at the North Pole playing in with Santa.

So then the fist people were born/ made there names were Adam and Eave so at that time no one knew about unicorns or not yet. Then Noah made  this big boat well an ark I think and so it took him a super super long time to build the boat. Oh and he knew that there would be this big flood that would take over the world so that there was no land. And so first he finished building the boat.

Then he got two or there of every animal and so in we were to put our self there at that time unicorns would be there. So he was putting the animals in the big  boat. He had dogs, cats, tigers, lions, cheetahs, giraffes, and Evan unicorns but there when he was coming on the boat with his family some thing happened some thing horrible guess what.

Ok well so then the unicorn on the boat got near one on the lions and so they got so scared that they ran out of the the boat and Noah was closing the boat door when the ran out. then they  we’re going to go get the unicorns but then the flood started the boat slowly went up and it was then too late.

So now here we are. With NO UNICORNS!It is so annoying like why unicorns!?well so here we are now and that is the story of how unicorns went extinct.



Cats are fun pets. They are cute , silly ,funny , and sometimes cuddly. And Totally adorable. Cats also have their own personality whether it is mean, clumsy, nice, careless ,or sassy. or just all of those emotions.

Cats can be black ,orange ,black gray and white, white and grey, orange and white ,and black and white.



Cats can also have a lot of different eye colors like blue, teal, green, brown , and a yellow green color. Cats can also have two different colored eyes. For example they can have a green eye and a blue eye. But it is very very unlikely for that to happen so those types of cats can be sold for a lot of money.Cats with two different colored eyes are Usually white but they can be grey black and orange too and can have black on half of there face with orange on the other half.


Cats are like dogs but cats are more laidback, cats don’t like walks , and cats are or cats look like they are judging you all the time.Also cats are super clumsy. But they always land perrrfectly on there feet. And sorry about the super cheeses joke.I can’t help it!




Hamsters are fun if they are a girl or a boy. There are a lot of types of hamsters. Like teddy bear hamsters, and a lot of other types of hamsters . They also have different personality’s. There are nice hamsters, mean hamsters, or lazy hamsters ,and energetic hamsters .

Hamsters can be a lot of colors like a yellow brownish color or a black color or light brown or a light orange yellow color or a gray or a whiteish color or a dark brown color.

Hamsters are also grate pets they are fun to play with, and teach tricks well not tricks but how to do things and remember they are not meant to be played with like you would dogs or horses.

hamsters are grate pets for people who like adventures because they can escape from there cages not a lot but at least once or twice per month.

Also they should have a big cage to too big but it should still be big, and travel cages need to be a little big  and you should not ever take your hamster some were in a car that takes longer that about two hours. And NEVER take your or a hamster on a plane which you.



I have been doing gymnastics for most of my life if I was in a class or at home doing gymnastics in my bonus room. Gymnastics is super fun because you can always learn new things and it is also fun to see how good you get after a while, or just teach your friends to do the things that you can do but they can’t do.

Gymnastics is fun if you are a girl or boy, or you are flexible or not flexible.

Gymnastics is also fun for little kids, teenagers adults, and almost every one, and any one. Usually you would want to have the proper equipment and training To be safe and not get hurt. Also make sure to have someone watching you ,or with you just in case. Unless you are perfect at it witch no one is perfect in any way and at any thing so just have some one watch you.


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