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Ted (like) Talk

Recently for Language Arts, my class and I have been working on presenting a short TEd-like talk that is roughly five minutes long. We were told to do our ted talks on something we felt passionate about. I chose to do my ted talk on plants.

I first made a slide about why you should get plants, this was my list.

  • They help the earth
  • They are pretty
  • They help decorate houses.
  • It‘s cool to watch them as they grow.
  • They are good for a sense of responsibility

This is what the slide looked like.






I then went on to show the photos of my plants and how often you should water them. I did this for all of my 9 plants. Two of them are the same type of plant.

This is an example of what my slides looked like.

You may notice that I name my plants but for me, it just makes them sentimental and it’s also because I can’t say their scientific name.

Overall, I really enjoyed planning for my ted talk even though I was pretty scared before actually presenting to the class. I felt like this was also fun because I got to learn more about my classmates and what they are passionate about.

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Tree Books

This year for Language Arts I made a tree book. It is pretty much what it sounds like, a book with a hardcover shaped like a tree, and only a few pages with for me some paper trees, grass, flowers, and clouds. For the book, we also wrote a poem about how life changed when the coronavirus started, a “Life List” about stuff I want to do one day, and a “Salute to My Roots” poem about someone who made you who you are.

This is my poem:


When this is over 

may we never take for granted

The ecstatic crowds 

at a concert or sports game

The feeling of getting handed 

paper homework 

still warm from the printer

Not having to ask if I need a mask 

when I go somewhere

The feeling I get as the 

movie screen darkens 

and the theater goes silent

Having to wake up in a rush 

to have to get ready for school

Laughing with my friends 

and seeing the smile on their faces

Eating out with my family

Not feeling like I need to 

suppress my cough

Or not having to sit and stare 

at the screen for school


When this ends 

May we find 

That we appreciate the small things 

that we didn’t even know we would

That the few “normal” moments we have

we don’t just let them slip 

out of our reach

And we don’t take for granted 

the moments 

we will grow to cherish 


These are photos of my tree book.

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In the past few months for Language Arts class and the rest of my grade and I did stocks we invested a maximum of 20,000 (not real) dollars in real stock companies. Stocks are fun and stressful when you think about them. This is my personal progress on it.

The stocks I invested in.

Target – because Target’s stocks were doing good.

Tesla – because it’s Tesla.

Petco – because people need to buy pet stuff.

Honda – because the stocks seemed cheap.

Zoom – because of the Ukraine Russia war.

Walmart – because I could afford it.

Overall, I spent a total of $19911.32. And gained back only $4926.86.

I learned that stocks are really just a game of luck. You can never estimate quite when stocks will rise or fall. Stocks are something many people can get quite rich by. It’s also something that you have to be very very careful about when choosing what stocks to invest in. I personally think it’s risky but the outcome can be really good.


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I had the honor of going to the planetarium at UNC’s campus for a field trip. It’s basically a museum about the planets. 

While I was there, I got to see a video about space in the dome room although I did get really motion sick and couldn’t look most of the time. Basically, it showed like inside of the human body, then it showed Bill being killed by space’s effects, and that’s all I remember. We also saw a demonstration about Newton’s Laws, electricity, and force. We got to see a monument table (I’m not sure what to call it) that honors the enslaved people that helped build the UNC Campus. Although we couldn’t look at it for long because someone was eating lunch there. I saw bugs under microscopes, and a comparison of how different strategies to stop waves worked and I got to build with blocks.

the Dome Room-

Me (left) and my friend Chloe (right)-

Monument Table-


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Book Recommendations

In case you are in need of a new book to read I have some suggestions for you. The book (series) is one of my favorites that I’ve read multiple times since second grade. I most likely got into this book just because I was like 7 and what 7 year old doesn’t like mermaids, but this book did not disappoint. I loved it and went on to read every other book there was at the time.

Emily Windsnap

Emily Windsnap is a girl who if I remember correctly is a 14-year-old girl that lives on a boat, but her mom does not allow her to go in the water to swim. But that changes one day when her mom sends her to a school where she has to take a swimming class. Her day goes fine and then it comes time for her swim class. She hasn’t swum before so when she gets in she is hesitant, but then after she jumps in the water, it feels horrible. Her legs are tingly but at the same time feel like what she describes as little sharp pains all over her legs. She doesn’t swim again and when she gets home she has the courage to get in the water and something happens that will change her life, but you can most likely guess what happens.

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The Smuggler

For Language Arts class at the end of last year (2021) we read wisdom tales. A wisdom tale is like a story or tall tale from a long time ago that may or may not be true, and if it is it was most likely altered in may ways. You may also be wondering ‘what does that have to do with the picture’ and I’m getting to it, slow down I can only go so fast. And to answer your question for Language arts this year when we got back, my class and I chose a wisdom tale ( I chose The Smuggler ) and  made a comic for it.

Now you might be wondering, ‘how did you do it?’ And to that, I used two apps called Sketchbook and ComicLife3. Sketchbook is a drawing app, you can do pretty much the same things as other drawing apps, I just used it because I’m used to it. ComicLife3 is an app that helps you make comics, Almost exactly like what its called. ComicLife3 has ways you can make your own design for where you want pictures and text or use premade ones and just simply add photos and text where needed.

My Wisdom tale, The Smuggler, is about a man who worked at a border and wasn’t suppose to let smugglers through. And then one day a guy came with a donkey and some hay. The men knew he was smuggling and went through every last inch of his hay, but there was nothing. And for the net 10 years this happened every day, and the man would go through every last inch of hay. Then the man retired, and one day he saw the man he just knew was smuggling. He walked up to him and told him about how he just knew he was smuggling and how he never found what he was smuggling, so what was it? The smuggler smiled and said, “Donkeys.”


Allison and Sunflower

If you have read my past blog about how I got Allison and sunflower this is like the update post for that. If I forgot to mention, I got Allison and my grandparents got Sunflower. This blog is about Allison, she has been doing great. She loves going on walks on trails near my house and barking at whatever small animal she can find. She also loves when she finds a pine cone to sit by it and she won’t move until we kick it for her to go fetch it. Allison loves to run around the back yard and sometimes gets out when chasing squirrels but we manage to get her back every time so far. Allison hates water I’m not really sure why but she just refuses to go in any water unless we bribe her with food. She also hates loud noises which I understand must be scary when they are abrupt but even when she expects it she still gets a little scared.

When my family brings her over to see Sunny (Sunflower’s Nic Name), she and Allison are ecstatic to see each other and sometimes we let them run in the back yard and they pretty much just run in circles around the yard or bark at the neighbors dog. And after we let them run in the back yard I will take them for a walk around the neighborhood. Sometimes my sister will come with me but not all of the time they can be hard co control on the leash at first but after we walk a little they are much calmer (but not 100% calm.)

And to finish here is a photo of Allison,

And Sunflower after her hair cut with a scarf like thing.

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Daily Habits

(By the way the purple is the days I remembered to do it and the pink is the days I didn’t including this summer)


I have been planking every day since September 13th of this year in Language arts class or at home when I don’t have class starting at 30 seconds and slowly increasing the time. I noticed no matter how long I did a plank it always felt hard but when I go back and do a plank for like 30 seconds now it feels incredibly easy. I learned that planks are actually really hard when you do them for few minutes at a time and I now have a new appreciation for people who can plank for longer periods of time. I also found that for me planks are only hard because my hand hurt and I just want to relieve my hands.

I overcame the fact that I couldn’t focus when I did the plank at first but now I can for us for a little longer and it actually improved my focus when I wasn’t doing the plank. I’m not sure how I built up the life span of my focus but I managed to somehow and I’m actually pretty proud of myself for it.

I would describe the benefits as just a higher tolerance to things like I could focus for a little longer when doing the plank and do the plank for longer. The progress really just takes time and effort and you can’t give up because you just have to know one day if you do it for long enough the amount of time you did the plank then is really easy for you now.

I was going to make my new habit making my bed but I  ended up making it playing the ukulele and trying to learn at least one short song a month. And I chose it because I’m new to the ukulele and I want to get better and more fluent at reading notes and being able to accurately play them. Also, I can’t make a goal of making my bed every day and get better at it. I just form a habit of making my bed when I  get home.

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Mirror or Window Book?

Is your book a window or a mirror?

First, what is a window or a mirror book? A mirror book is where the main character reminds you of yourself. This is usually not based on how you look (even though that can be a factor) and is usually based on if you act similar or have similar surroundings. A window book is a book where the main character doesn’t remind you of yourself, in most ways at least. 

My book, Finding Someplace by Denise Lewis Patrick, is actually a little bit of a mirror but mostly a mirror. The mirror side: Her parents are very (I mean very) similar to mine. Even some of her friends are similar to mine too. The Window side: She did literally live through and survive Hurricane Katrina, something I could never do, and she just didn’t really act/behave like or similarly to me. I also picture her to look nothing like me, but that doesn’t really matter. 

For me, my book Finding Someplace is a window book. What type of book are you reading or have you read?

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What’s in My Backpack?

Over the summer I read the book Finding Someplace written by Denise Lewis Patrick, Finding Someplace is a realistic/historical fiction book about a girl named Reesie Boone who is about to turn 13 in Louisiana in 2005. All happy right? Well spoiler alert! On her 13th birthday things took a turn for the worst. She has to pack a bag of things to take and leave everything else behind for Hurricane Katrina to destroy. For Language Arts class I drew a photo of what I would take if this ever happened to me and I had to pack a bag of what would and wouldn’t see another day. If you are looking for a book to read, I 100% recommend reading this book. It is very interesting and hard to put down once you start reading.

Here is a list of what I drew and why I would take them. My two dogs Allison and Sunflower, Sunflower is not my dog but I treat her like she is. My water bottle, to have clean water. Dog food, to feed Allison and Sunflower. My  phone, so if I got a signal I could call someone. A charger, for when I get back to somewhere safely, I could charge my phone or others phones. Soup, in case I need food to eat. Clothes, so when I get to dry land I could put other clothes on. A blanket, in case I need it to sleep somewhere. Jered the ukulele (long live Jeffy and June), so I can play music and people passing by somewhere could hear it. flash lights, for the night if I get stuck somewhere. A journal, to write down what happened that day. A pencil, to write in my journal.

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